Our Commitment

A & M is committed to providing reliable services that are top quality, precise, and cost-effective. We strive to provide turn-key services that meet all of our client’s needs from permitting to implementation; design to build; and remediation to monitoring. Our key drivers (reliability, capability, affordability, quality, compliance, and trust) are embedded in our products and services and practiced in our professional activities.

We Are A Full Service Environmental & Heavy Construction Firm:

Our successful completion of multi-disciplinary engineering, construction, and environmental projects, including complete turnkey design-build services, has enabled us to become a full service environmental and heavy construction firm. Our broad range of experience, professional staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a vendor of choice for environmental and engineering services. The combination of our large fleet of company-owned heavy construction machinery, full integration of GPS and GNSS grade control and construction surveying technologies into our operations, and our skilled crews allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective heavy construction services. The cost-effectiveness and quality of our construction services is further enhanced by our in-house engineering expertise and knowledge. In turn, our extensive construction experience results in practical and high-quality engineering services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have a safety track record that we are proud of and an ever-growing list of repeat clients as a result.

Affiliated Companies

Mid-Way Environmental Services, Inc.

Mid-Way Environmental Services, Inc. (Mid-Way) operates a Class I Commercial Injection Well for non-hazardous commercial and industrial liquid wastes in Davenport, Oklahoma. Mid-Way in conjunction with Lincoln Transportation, Inc. (Lincoln) also operates a Class II Commercial Injection Well for oil and natural gas related liquid wastes in Stroud, Oklahoma. The Class I Injection Well is the only in the State of Oklahoma that can provide processing and disposal of non-exempt waste from the petroleum industry, as well as other non-hazardous liquid commercial and industrial wastes.

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Lincoln Transportation, Inc.

Lincoln Transportation, Inc. (Lincoln) is based in Stroud, Oklahoma and provides liquid waste trucking services for oil and natural gas related needs as well as commercial and industrial applications. Lincoln operates their own fleet of vacuum trucks including bob-tails and tankers. They also provide box trucks for drum and tote transportation and dump trucks for hauling bulk materials.

Health & Safety

By recognizing the importance of safety A & M has been successful in preventing deaths and avoiding injuries, property damage, and associated financial losses. We recognize that many types of work in our industry can be dangerous and understand that effective safety programs are essential to work performance, productivity, and success. It is our goal to provide a safe workplace where our employees feel comfortable with their surroundings, situation, and work at hand.

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Our employees are our most valuable asset. In order to protect our employees and the communities in which we work we have established and implemented a Corporate Health and Safety Program and Anti-Drug and Alcohol Program. Additionally, it is our standard procedure to prepare and implement Health and Safety Plans for specific project needs. These programs and plans are enforced by our Corporate Health and Safety Officer (CHSO) and adopted by our employees in their day-to-day work activities. Our employees are routinely trained in regard to job hazards and many are 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) trained. We recognize that programs and plans alone are not enough and that proper outreach and training is integral to a successful safety program.

During 2017 A & M (and affiliate companies) logged a total of over 121,100 work hours with no recordable/reportable accidents or injuries. This is an outstanding accomplishment in our industries and we are proud of our team in their commitment to this effort.

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Professional Organizations


A & M received exceptional ratings from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (January 9, 2018) via the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) for a project recently completed.

The USACE ratings for the project included the following:

  • Quality – Very Good
  • Schedule – Exceptional
  • Management – Very Good
  • Regulatory Compliance – Satisfactory
  • Safety – Very Good

Based upon their performance assessment, the USACE has recommended A & M for future projects.

Our team works hard to earn and maintain exceptional ratings with federal agencies and private sector clients alike.

We are a self certified small business which allows us more flexibility in dealing with ever-changing conditions and allows us to provide a more personalized service.

We are proud to be HUBZone certified. Operating a company within a historically underutilized business zone empowers us to help the local community.

Insurance & Bonding

A & M maintains an extensive insurance program with AM Best rated insurance carriers that directly or indirectly benefit our employees, our customers, and the public. Coverages include Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Liability, Professional Liability, and Pollution Liability. In addition we maintain insurance coverage on our property and equipment.

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We have worked with our lead bonding company for over 25 years and have established a solid relationship built on performance. We have successfully bonded many projects with our largest to date being $20,800,000. Based upon our readily available financial resources we have support for bonding of projects much higher than our largest to date and welcome such opportunities.

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