About Us

A & M Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (A & M) was founded by a professional engineer and geologist working in the Oklahoma area during 1984. From their humble beginnings they decided to name the company using the first letters of their first names (A & M). A & M has since grown into a diverse company providing turnkey compliance, consulting, engineering, design, construction, and remediation services to the private sector, governmental agencies, and Native American tribes. Our professional staff now includes environmental specialists (compliance experts, consultants); engineers (environmental, civil, geotechnical); inspectors (asbestos, mold, lead based paint); geologists and hydrogeologists; health and safety specialists; and biologists. Our construction and remediation staff include project managers, equipment operators, and field technicians. We also own and operate our own fleet of heavy construction equipment.

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Air Quality
Storm Water (SWP3)
Spill Prevention Planning (SPCC)
Health & Safety
Due Diligence & Inspections
Brownfields Redevelopment
USACE Permitting
NEPA Environmental Assessments
Groundwater & Hydrology
Compliance Evaluations & Audits

Environmental Engineering & Design
Landfills & Impoundments
Civil Engineering & Design
Geotechnical Design & Testing

Water Retention Structures
Water Detention Structures
Drainage Improvements
Flood Control
Lagoon Sludge
Facility Decommissioning
Soil Remediation
Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Groundwater Treatment
Vacuum Truck Services
Construction Management

Governmental Projects
Native American Tribal Projects